Project: Global agricultural model intercomparisons

What is the challenge? Climate change poses significant challenges to agriculture and food security, but our understanding of these challenges, their impacts, and options to address them is limited by the data and modeling tools available. This activity contributes to systematic intercomparisons across leading global modeling efforts, linking climate, crop and economic models, as a basis for improvement in the models and ultimately in our understanding of impacts and possible responses.

What is the potential impact from climate change for Africa’s farmers?

By Nilar Andrea Chit Tun, IFPRI

A comprehensive book series by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) has investigated the impact of climate change on African agriculture and food security. The final chapter on East Africa will be exclusively released at an upcoming session at the Global Landscapes Forum.

What’s next for climate change in Africa? This is precisely the question that will be debated at the Technical and Networking Session The good, the bad and the ugly: Climate change’s potential impact on farmers in Africa on Saturday 16 November at the Global Landscapes Forum in Warsaw, Poland.

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