Project: Analyzing Countries’ Human, Organizational and Systems Capacity and Policy Process to Proactively Respond to Impending Climate Change Challenges

What is the challenge? International research has increasingly demonstrated the devastating risks to coastal regions, particularly countries with extensive, low lying stretches of coastal land, as a result of rising sea levels. However, despite the increased attention given to climate change issues at the global level, there has been minimal organized effort to react appropriately at the country level. There is a pressing need to understand what is needed to develop and implement effective policies that mitigate climate change, especially in the context of the food and agricultural sectors. This project aims to rectify this by determining who is involved, what the individual capacities or qualifications are, what role each organization plays in the policymaking process, and what the effective capacity of the policy process system is itself.

Project: Scaling-up climate smart agriculture through policies and institutions: linking national agenda with food security

About the Project: The projects aims to scale up the concept of 'climate smart villages', being implemented by the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS). This is being done through improved policies and innovative institutions leading to mega-programs at national and sub-national levels. It will first develop decision support tools to prioritize climate smart investment options, and then evaluate alternative policies and institutions, assess their trade-offs to meet the multiple goals, and evolve policies, programs and institutions for their implementation and up-scaling.