New paper analyses country strategies that reduce drought-related risks for farmers

By Nicola Cenacchi, IFPRI

Droughts are a common occurrence worldwide, but major concerns are growing over their long-term disruption to global agricultural production. This year alone, droughts have damaged the coffee industry in Brazil and caused the death of hundreds of cattle, and losses to staple crops in Central America, triggering food shortages, higher prices, and ultimately threatening the food security of poor households across the region.

Strategising a new approach to crop insurance in India

By Dharini Parthasarathy, CCAFS

At a recent workshop, senior government officials, researchers and industry representatives brainstormed about how insurance can serve farmers better. They came up with recommendations that can help in a new crop insurance program.

Superficial tweaks in existing agriculture insurance policies will not achieve our desired results: to protect farmers against crop losses. We need to fix the bottlenecks that have persistently plagued agriculture insurance for decades, said PK Mishra, Director General, Gujarat Disaster Management Authority. He delivered the opening talk at the workshop on ‘National Crop Insurance Program (NCIP): Challenges and Opportunities’ organised by CCAFS and International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), in New Delhi on April 1, 2014.

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