Project: Analyzing Countries’ Human, Organizational and Systems Capacity and Policy Process to Proactively Respond to Impending Climate Change Challenges

What is the challenge? International research has increasingly demonstrated the devastating risks to coastal regions, particularly countries with extensive, low lying stretches of coastal land, as a result of rising sea levels. However, despite the increased attention given to climate change issues at the global level, there has been minimal organized effort to react appropriately at the country level. There is a pressing need to understand what is needed to develop and implement effective policies that mitigate climate change, especially in the context of the food and agricultural sectors. This project aims to rectify this by determining who is involved, what the individual capacities or qualifications are, what role each organization plays in the policymaking process, and what the effective capacity of the policy process system is itself.

Project: Latin America and Caribbean climate change studies for the Agriculture, Forestry, and Other Land Use sectors

What is the challenge? The Agriculture, Forestry, and Other Land Use Change (AFOLU) sectors are important for the economies of many Latin American countries, especially for providing employment and income for poor rural people. Furthermore, the AFOLU sectors are important for their mitigation potential, as they are leading sources of greenhouse gas emissions in a number of countries. What has been missing is a thorough study of the impact of climate change on the sectors, weighing climate-smart policy options that might be used to both help farmers adapt and be more resilient while mitigating climate change.